Family Worship

Worshiping in the home is an important part of the faith. Below you’ll find some resources to help you get started. And don’t let “family” throw you off. Worship is for couples, empty-nesters and large families alike.


Find yourself stuck in prayer? Praying the same things in the same ways? Learn more about “praying the Bible”.

Bible Reading

Ligonier Ministries maintains a great list of Bible reading plans on it’s website. A very popular and useful plan is the Robert Murray M’Cheyne plan, but any plan is better than no plan!


Catechism is a great way to train the young (or the old!) in the faith. The New City Catechism covers the core doctrines of the Christian faith using 52 questions and answers. There are two versions: one for very young children and one for older children and adults. Each question also has a commentary to help explain the doctrine covered.